Wilson Triad XP5 (Free string)


  • $ 279.00

Introducing one of the most comfortable and arm-friendly racquets in Wilson's current racquet line. It's called the Wilson Triad XP 5 and it is perfect for beginner and intermediate level players in search of extra comfort.

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Free string: Specify your choice of tension and string (polyester, multifilament, synthetic gut, or hybrid (NO natural gut)

$20 discount per racquet if you don't want any string on-VUTENNISCOM- with the discount code "NOSTRING"

With its 103in² head, the XP 5 is more forgiving than a standard midplus racquet but it still manages to offer good control. This racquet also comes with an extended 27.5" length, giving it more momentum than a standard length racquet. As a result, you'll be able to swing with more force when adding power and spin to your shots. The Triad XP 5 gets its outstanding comfort from Triad Technology, which deploys a uniquely pliable Iso-Zorb strip between the racquet's head and handle. This feature gives the Triad XP 5 an incredibly low flex rating, which helps protect your arm from impact shock. This racquet's beam is built with a Power Profile Geometry, which is not only contoured for faster swing speeds but also firm enough to transfer plenty of pop to the ball. On groundstrokes, the Triad XP 5 feels softer and more dampened than a typical modern racquet. The sweetspot feels generous, which means fewer "dead zones" when contact is less than perfect. Power is there when needed but it never feels overwhelming. There's also tons of spin-potential thanks to the open 16x18 string pattern. At net, the Triad XP 5 offers a nice compromise between speed and stability. It moves into position quickly, and the head heavy balance gives it a solid feel when redirecting pace. Finally, there's plenty of pace and spin to be had on serves, especially given how easily this racquet whips through contact. This is a must hit for the intermediate player who wants a generous midplus racquet with controllable power and impressive comfort.

Headsize: 103 in2

Length: 27.5”

Unstrung weight: 9.7 oz / 275 g

Strung weight: 10.3 oz / 292 g

Unstrung balance: 3 HH / 35.5 cm

Strung balance: 14.25in / 36.2cm / 4 pts HH

Swing weight: 319

Stiffness: N/A

Beam: 25.5mm / 29mm / 25.5mm

String pattern: 16x18

String tension: 50-60 lbs

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