Wilson Triad XP3 tennis racquet Free synthetic gut string

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With the Triad XP 3, Wilson adds another chapter the Triad story, one of the most arm-friendly technologies in production. Boasting one of the lowest flex ratings of any racquet we've tested, the Triad XP 3 specializes in reducing the amount of vibration that reaches your arm.

This racquet's comfort is further enhanced by its very forgiving 113in² head size. Factor in the sub 10-ounce weight, and you have the perfect option for beginners. This racquet should also work well for the more skilled player who wants an oversize racquet with a uniquely arm-friendly response. Boasting an extended 27.5" length, the Triad XP 3 will give you more momentum than a standard length racquet. As a result, you'll be able to swing bigger when adding power and spin to your shots. The Triad XP 3 gets its outstanding comfort from Triad Technology, which deploys a uniquely pliable Iso-Zorb strip between the racquet's head and handle. This feature gives the Triad XP 3 an incredibly low flex rating, which helps protect your arm from impact shock. This racquet's beam is built with a Power Profile Geometry,which is not only contoured for faster swing speeds but also firm enough to transfer plenty of pop to the ball. On groundstrokes, the Triad XP 3 offers outstanding comfort and easy power. Short and medium length strokes provide good depth, and the open 16x18 string pattern offers impressive spin-potential. At net, the large 113in² head provides a luxurious and stable platform for blocking the ball back. There is also tons of power for closing out points. Finally, the extended length will give you easier net clearance and impressive power on serves.


Head size 113 in2 - Length 27.5” - Beam 24.5/29/25.5mm

Unstrung weight 9.2oz / 262g - Strung weight 9.8oz / 278g

Unstrung balance 36cm - Strung balance 6 pts HH

Swing weight 315 - Stiffness N/A - String pattern 16x19

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