Tecnifibre TFight RSL 295 tennis racquet

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Featuring an updated beam construction and some tweaks to the feel, Tecnifibre's TFight 295 RS is a solid option for the intermediate player who wants a light and speedy player's racquet. Although close in spec to the TFight 300 RS, this racquet packs a slightly larger head and thicker beam. Weighted for intermediate players, the TFight 295 RS offers the kind of spin-friendly precision that breeds confidence on full swings. With a swingweight approaching 320-RDC it will also tempt the more advanced player who wants raw speed without having to give up too much stability. For 2020, Tecnifibre updates the beam with its RSL Section, which utilizes a unique 5-sided R shape to keep the frame more stable through impact. Tecnifibre has also reinforced the area where the shaft and head meet, along with keeping two material technologies from the previous generation: Xtreme Touch Construction (for stability) and Dynacore HD (for comfort). From the baseline the TFight 295 RS swings a tad easier than the TFight 300 while also offering impressive stability for its weight class. Power is sufficient without being overwhelming, and there is more than enough spin-potential to bring the ball down sharply. At net and on service returns this stick not comes around fast, but, at 3 points head light, it also packs enough mass in the head to feel solid when redirecting higher levels of pace. Ultimately, with its updated beam shape and some improvements to the feel, the TFight 295 continues to be a great option for the intermediate player who wants a light player's racquet with good feel and controllable power.


Head size 100 in2 - Length  27” - Beam 23mm

Unstrung weight 295g / 10.4oz - Strung weight 312g / 11oz

Unstrung balance 325mm - Strung balance 3 pts HL

Swing weight 318 - Stiffness 70 - String pattern 16x19

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