Tecnifibre TFight RS 305

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Tecnifibre updates the TFight 305 RS with a new beam construction along with some updates to the feel. Ideal for stronger intermediates and advanced players, this 11.4 ounce stick has a relatively beefy 330+ RDC-swingweight, giving it plenty of stability and plow through without feeling overly sluggish. In contrast to the 16x19 string patterns on the other TFight models, the TFight 305 RS has a slightly more control oriented 18x19 string pattern, and it packs enough mass in the head to get the ball moving powerfully through the court. For this update, Tecnifibre redesigns the beam with its RS Section, which utilizes a  5-sided R shape to keep the frame more stable through impact. In addition to reinforcing the yolk, portions of this racquet's interior have been  injected with Foam,  giving it a more solid and dampened feel than many of its hollow counterparts. This update also keeps two material technologies that help with comfort and feel: Xtreme Touch Construction and Dynacore HD. From the baseline, TFight 305 RS delivers a plush and arm-friendly hitting experience. In addition to having the dynamic mass to effectively redirect heavier pace, players with sound mechanics will find enough spin and directional control to work the ball into tight spaces. At net, the TFight 305 manages to offer impressive stability on block volleys while also remaining fluid enough for quick reactions, and it rewards strong servers with enough precision and power to impose their will. All in all, with its stable response, controllable power and great feel, the TFight 305 RS remains a solid option for intermediate and advanced players.


Head size 98 in2 - Length  27” - Beam 22.5mm

Unstrung weight 305g / 10.8oz - Strung weight 323g / 11.4oz

Unstrung balance 325mm - Strung balance 3 pts HL

Swing weight 333 - Stiffness 67 - String pattern 18x19

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