Stringing Online Service

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Tennis racquet restring service

For a long time, you have been going to your local stringer whenever you needed a string job. You drove to give him your racquet then went back home and waited few days for it got strung. Again, you drove to him to get your racquet back and on the way back home you got stuck in the traffic. That routine costs you a lot of valuable time, not to mention you have to drive 4 trips just to get your racquet strung.

We partner with U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to offer you an Online Restring Service, which provides a much more convenient way to get the job done. You stay in your comfy sofa, place an order online, USPS will take care of the pickup and delivery for you.

+ USPS postage is $5 each way, round trip is $10 per racquet.

+ Our labor charge is $15 per racquet.

+ The cost of the string (our string price is often cheaper than the price which you see in your local tennis shop)


Natural Gut (high power, high comfort, touch and feel)

Multifilament (comfort, power, control)

Monofilament/Polyester (discomfort, control, durability, spin)

Hybrid (monofilament + multifilament)


Please read thoroughly if you're first time user.

Step 1: Input your racquet(s) online, choose string & tension accordingly, purchase each each for each racquet then pay at check out. Text or call us if you have questions, it's the fastest way of communication, we'll text you the pictures of your racquet when we receive it and when we send it if your number is provided.

Step 2: If you have a strong poly bag at home, you can use it for packing the racquet, double-pack it as you see fit, add "FRAGILE" and "HANDLE WITH CARE" on it if you can. If you don't have a poly bag, we'll send you one. Print the postage from your email, carefully tape it on the poly bag, place the racquet(s) inside the bag, then tape it securely.

Step 3: It's very IMPORTANT that your package of 1 racquet is under 1 pound (under 16 oz) or package of 2 racquets is under 2 pounds, and so on (USPS will return the package back to you if it's overweight.) Next, you give the package to your mailman or drop it off at your local Post Office. Your part is done and you will receive it back in few days.

Note 1: You should restring your racquet at least once a month for better performance, even your string doesn't break yet but it loses its playability and tension over time. Professional players change a new string at every ball change (8 games played.) We amateur players change a new string every 100 games played.

Note 2: If you break string often (once in few days) then you should choose polyester string (monofilament) to save your wallet. If you're not a string breaker then you should not choose polyester string because its stiffness is very high, which causes tennis players all kind of injuries.

Note 3: U.S. Postal Service is an excellent service for our mails and packages, however, they're only humans. They sometimes make mistakes of not taking good care of your racquet. Notify us within 24 hours of receiving your racquet if anything happens to it. We will try our best to solve any problem with USPS. We won't be responsible for any problem if it's out of 24 hours time frame.