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Luxilon ALU Power purple 1.25 220m/726ft (reel) 20 year anniversary

Luxilon ALU Power purple 1.25 220m/726ft (reel) 20 year anniversary


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The ALU Power string is by far the most used string on the Pro Tour. By providing an amazing combination of power, control, and spin potential, the ALU Power is using by 73% of the top 100 ATP Pros. Luxilon manufactures Poly-Ether-Ether by modifying existing materials prior to extrusion. The production process is very slow. This is one reason for it’s famous playing characteristics!

    • Luxilon exceeds all quality standards for near-zero variance in string.  Pro players count on every set being identical
    • String is completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture
    • Reduce tension at least 10% lower than nylon strings to provide optimum playability as ALU Power does not suffer from tension loss common to other strings
  • The year was 1997. The tournament was the French Open. The men's champion was Gustavo Kuerten. The purple string in his racquet was made by Luxilon Industries, an obscure filament company from Belgium. What followed was the polyester revolution in professional tennis, punctuated by unprecedented levels of spin. To celebrate this historic moment, Luxilon has created a special version of its most popular string, Luxilon ALU Power. Like the silver and blue versions of ALU Power, this legendary string provides a truly outstanding combination of durability, spin, precision and feel. If you want to find out why ALU Power has dominated professional tennis for the better half of 20 years, give this string a try.

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