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Luxilon 4G / 4G Rough / 4G Soft (6 sets)


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The 4G string provides maximum tension and legendary power, spin, and comfort. To obtain Maximum Tension Maintenance, the molecular chains making up 4G are strategically aligned in a parallel fashion. This minimizes entanglement to ensure less creep. 4G is made from Luxilon’s famous poly-ether-ether (ALU Power) and doped with nucleates.  The nucleates help to maintain the suppleness of the string and increase its strength.

  • Luxilon exceeds all quality standards for near-zero variance in string.  Pro players count on every set being identical.
  • String is completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture.
  • Reduce tension at least 10% lower than nylon strings to provide optimum playability as 4G does not suffer from tension loss common to other strings.

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