Wilson Blade SW104 Countervail tennis racquet Free synthetic gut string

Regular price $ 249.00

The personal racquet for a 22x Grand Slam winner, the Blade SW 104 Autograph Countervail features a large headsize that enhances the sweetspot for pure strikes. A dense string pattern provides traditional control and durability for tennis players aspiring to play like Serena.

  • Larger headsize
  • Longer length
  • Bigger sweetspot
  • Endorsed by Serena Williams


    Head size 104 in2 - Length 28” - Beam 22mm

    Unstrung weight 10.8oz / 306g - Strung weight 11.4oz / 323g

    Unstrung balance 33cm - Strung balance 5 pts HL

    Swing weight 341 - Stiffness 63 - String pattern 18x19

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